“I went down to the boat yesterday and took a long look at what has been done to Tartan III. It showed me again why I have you work on our boat! The changes to the hardtop really made a difference in appearance. The electronics installation is great and completely changed the look of the boat and of course, the usability of the equipment. What a great look in the cockpit now. The teak refinishing and removal of the SeaDek on the platform was such an improvement. Finished product is beautiful. We both really like what you and the crew have accomplished for us. Your ideas and experience sometimes amaze me. Raelee is anxious to see the results of the rest. Thanks for the good work and please pass this on to anyone involved.”


“I just want to comment on the excellent job that Carl and Brandon did on the refrigerator installation. Just transporting them from the garage to the pier and then getting them on the boat was a big part of the effort. All done without scratch as far as I can see. They went the extra mile to ensure they function properly, are properly level and the lineup looks great. the whole exercise was completed in a timely manner, and when they left, there was no evidence they were even there . Please give them our “thanks”.”

Chuck McLeran

“It is truly a pleasure having you manage my Sabre. Please pass my thanks on to Brandon as well. Look forward to seeing you on the 4th”

Dennis Makielski

Siebert Yacht Management wins
Sureshade 2014 Dealer of Year Award

Dana Russikoff, SureShade’s business leader, presents Siebert Yacht Management with Dealer of Year Award in front of Beneteau Gran Turismo 49 at Miami Yacht & Brokerage.

Siebert Yacht Management of Jupiter, FL honored for SureShade sales and customer service excellence in 2014

Each year we look to recognize an outstanding dealer that simply outperformed for SureShade.

Boat dealer performance is evaluated throughout the year on the criteria of sales performance, installation expertise, customer service, co-marketing efforts and private boat owner feedback.

SureShade Dealer of the Year 2014
SureShade Dealer of the Year 2014

We are pleased to announce that Siebert Yacht Management, LLC of Jupiter, FL
is SureShade’s 2014 Dealer of the Year for their excellent performance throughout the year.

Siebert Yacht Management, a professional yacht service company and certified Sabre Yachts service center, has demonstrated outstanding sales performance and installation expertise by successfully outfitting over a dozen boats with automated sunshade systems for their clients in 2014.

Siebert Yacht Management excelled in helping to meet the growing demand for aftermarket installations of SureShade systems, quickly responding to field service calls and completing installations on boat brands like Sabre, Back Cove and Beneteau.

Siebert Yacht Management has also excelled in co-marketing efforts throughout 2014, from including the SureShade logo on service vehicles to creating demo videos of installations.

“In the last few years SureShade has grown to become a significant part of our yacht services business as more and more boaters want to incorporate their sunshade systems aftermarket,” said John Siebert, president of Siebert Yacht Management. “It’s been a pleasure to support SureShade’s market growth by ensuring truly aesthetic integration on boats throughout Florida.”

Siebert Yacht Management has been an invaluable partner working with SureShade since almost the start… completing installations on boats for the last 4 years.

“We know we can always count on Jay and his team to deliver quality work as they help us meet the growing demand for our shade installations in the busy Florida boating market,” said Dana Russikoff, SureShade business leader and co-founder. “We look forward to continuing to grow our business relationship with Jay in Florida and beyond.”

SureShade logo on our trucks

SureShade logo on Siebert Yacht Management service van.

Here’s some of the great work Siebert Yacht Management did for SureShade recently:

52 Sabre Yachts

This boat features a top mounted installation of SureShade’s automated sunshade system on a 52 Sabre completed aftermarket.
DEMO VIDEO: (by Siebert Yacht Management)

Beneteau Gran Turismo 49

This 2014 Beneteau Turismo 49 features an integrated installation of SureShade’s automated shade system, allowing the shade to disappear into the hardtop when retracted.

48 Sabre Yachts

This aftermarket installation of SureShade’s automated shade system features a top-mount install that adds convenient shade for the large cockpit of the 48 Sabre.

Siebert - 48 Sabre - SunShae

Back Cove 41 Enclosed

This 2015 Back Cove 41 Enclosed features an integrated installation of a SureShade automated sunshade system that disappears into the hardtop when retracted. The install was done to replicate the same factory option now offered on this model.

Congratulations to Jay Siebert and his team for a job well done in 2014…
and a well-deserved award as SureShade’s 2014 Dealer of the Year!

About the SureShade Dealer Program

The SureShade Dealer Award Program is open to all U.S., Canadian and International boat dealers involved in the sale or installation of SureShade retractable sunshade systems.

Dealers are also encouraged to take advantage of available boat dealer service and support resources that guide them through the product introduction, design, pricing, sales and installation process. Additional resources are also available for customized marketing support by boat brand and style.

To learn more about the annual dealer award program, including past dealer award winners, visit http://sureshade.com/sureshade-dealer-award-program.

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